Born into a poverty stricken family in the 1950's, a young girl tells her story where she enters a world of challenges and never gives up. It’s a powerful story with fierce hardships yet finding redeeming love.

The book details Rhonda’s life story from the early days of her childhood and family life to being left alone to make the most important decisions of her life (“What is best for my baby and my baby's future?). It’s a compelling true story that takes you down her road of experiences of an overdosed death, a murder and more.

With gusto and candor she rises above it all living by the cliché "It's going to get better." And it does, finally realizing God has never left her. With an understanding heart, God reveals the desires of her heart.


1) Often we feel life is unfair.  Tough times and circumstances create doubt and we want to give up

2) Growing up in a two bedroom shack nestled in the middle of the woods

3) The Prince of Dubai offering me a position as his flight attendant on his private jet

More than a memoir, a legacy of enduring faith and perseverance... and a life well-lived


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